Don’t invest with the banks… buy $STAN

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Story behind $STAN

$STAN was born from past mistakes. Stan no longer takes his banker's advice to put his grandma's checks into a money market mutual fund, with earnings reinvested into foreign currency accounts with compounding interest.

It’s NOT gone!

Stan now follows grandma Marsh’s advice and buys whatever he wants… $STAN. We’ve all been like Stan, invested into a worthless crypto token... and it’s gone! Don’t make the same mistake… buy $STAN

$STAN makes money

Cartman is eight and he pays 2% tax. The tax is reinvested into shitcoins & moonshots chosen by our expert panel of Chad’s and $STAN holders. Any profits from shitcoins are used to buyback and burn $STAN.

$STAN Token

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total supply

Token Distribution

85% - Fair Launch
10% - CEX Listings & Marketing
5% - Airdrops & Best Memes
LP Locked | Contract Renounced | No Team Tokens | Deflationary

Token Tax

2% Buy & Sell
Stan’s shitcoin & moonshot fund

Token Utility

It’s a MEME
Voting Rights - Stan’s shitcoins & moonshots
BNB airdrops for top holders
Burn lotteries & surprises

Expert Panel of Influencer Chads





Our roadmap

Clear goals, great planning, flawless execution.

Stage 1

Website & Branding
Onboard expert panel of influencer chads
SAFU contract deployment & audit
Fair launch on PinkSale
PancakeSwap Listing

Stage 2

DAO formation
10,000+ Holders
Tier 1 exchange (pre approved)
Become official MEME coin of South Park